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Helpful Hints

When cleaning the coin trap on your front load washer it is a good idea to move the machine back on a 45 deg, this puts any water left in the washer to the back & reduces the amount of water that comes out when removing the pump cover. Make sure you are not stressing the hoses when moving the machine forward, you may have to disconnect them from the the taps & drain.

The occasional hot wash in your washer helps to reduce residual soap build up, keeps the outer bowl in your washer cleaner.

Fabric softener is great for soft towels but not great for your washer, excessive use leads to a build up of residue in your washer, you can usually see this when looking down the centre of your top loader agitator. This build ups can block the small perforations in the bowl that allows the water to exit the washing during the spin causing balancing problems, it can also cause grey grease spots on washing. Once built up it is very difficult to remove & usually entails a technician removing the spin bowl for a manual clean or water blast. An alternative method of using fabric softener is to put a small amount on a face cloth into the drier with your towels for 15 to 20 minutes.

Some common washing powders tend to cause over sudsing problems on front load washers, even the ones that say suitable for top & front loaders. This can lead to balancing problems & poor spin performance as the suds build up between the inner & outer bowls and create extra drag on the spin bowl, also the drain pump can only pump water, not suds which are mostly air.

When we have identified this as an issue we have recommended switching to an extra low sudsing powder such as the eco powders.

The fist thing to try if your appliance shows no sign of life is to make sure the is power at that power socket by plugging in another appliance such as a hair drier, it may have been an overloaded circuit & just require the resetting of the circuit breaker at the fuse board.

If there is power or the appliance repeatedly trips the breaker book a technician.

To help reduce odours from your washer prop the lid or door open to allow air circulation, this also helps with black mould growing in your top loader door seal, once its in there we have found no way of getting rid of it apart from replacing the seal.

Oven not going? Might be the clock not set or on automatic cooking function. Most ovens will require the clock setting to a time before they will operate the oven, this usually occurs when the power to the oven has been interrupted, most oven clocks will show 0000 to show the time is not set. Pushing & holding the left two buttons & using the right buttons to change the time is the most common method of setting the clock but this is different on make to make, check your use & care book or give us a call & we may be able to guide you over the phone.

Cleaning your oven is much easier with the door removed. Most oven doors can easily be removed by opening the door & setting the locking tabs in the open position.

The oven door can now be partially closed & lifted out, you shouldn’t have to force it.

If your fridge or freezer is going to be switched off for any longer than a day or two it is a good idea to prop the doors open with a rag or towel to allow air to circulate & dry out the cabinet, this will stop the growth of odour causing bacteria & fungi.